Best Wireless Meat Thermometer: Looking at WiFi & Bluetooth Models

best wireless bluetooth thermometer

If you’re looking to put some distance between you and the grill while still watching over your food, then you need a wireless meat thermometer. If you’re looking for the best wireless meat thermometer, then you will likely see terms tossed around like WiFi meat thermometer and Bluetooth meat thermometer. Believe it or not, these … Read more

Best Pellets for Smoking: Which brands make the best quality?

best wood pellets

Looking to smoke some mouthwatering brisket, chicken, steak, or any other protein? Then you need the best pellets for smoking. These hardwood pellets deliver consistent heat and impart unique flavors into your meat. From the rich and iconic flavor of hickory, to a bold mesquite, to a sweet maple, it’s easy to get these flavors … Read more

Best Grill Cover: Looking at Styles, Materials & Features

best grill covers

Finding a grill cover isn’t hard, but finding the best grill cover takes some effort. If you’re like most people, then you might have a hard time telling one cover apart from another. Plus, you should also know that some covers provide protection that others can’t. We’re going to answer your biggest questions about finding … Read more

Pizza Stone vs. Cast Iron: What’s the best way to make pizza?

pizza stone vs cast iron

When you want to cook a crispy, pizzeria-style pizza, then you use a pizza stone. There aren’t any other options, right? Well, there are actually lots of pizza stone alternatives, and cast iron is quickly becoming a popular option. Which is best when it comes to pizza stone vs cast iron? Both have pros and … Read more

Stainless Steel vs. Cast Iron Grill Grates

Many people never think about their grill grates, but maybe it’s time to give them some attention. You’ll find that when it comes to stainless steel vs cast iron grill grates, they both have great features but they are very different. One is more durable than the other, while another grate has better non-stick properties. … Read more

Best Outdoor Electric Grill: Weber, Char-Broil, & Techwood

When most people think of outdoor grills they only consider charcoal or propane variants, but there’s another option that’s becoming more popular. The best outdoor electric grill easily rivals the other grills because these models are convenient, don’t need extra resources (no more buying and storing propane or charcoal), and many of them work both … Read more

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven: Bertello, Ooni & U-Max

Finding the best outdoor pizza oven can be tough since there are so many options. Not only that, but you may not realize all the different features and factors you should be checking to ensure you get the best one. Our handy pizza oven buying guide is going to show you what to look for, … Read more

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill: Ninja Foodi, Hamilton Beach & More

ninja foodi

Finding the best smokeless indoor grill can be surprisingly tough since the market has expanded with many brands making their own models. Regardless of which you choose, these allow you to get the full outdoor grill experience (charred meats and veggies, fast cooking, etc) without actually going outside or having smoke hit your eyes. Best … Read more

Best Flat Top Grill: Blackstone, Sizzle-Q, Qomotop & More

Traditional grills are great, but the grill grates could be better. These are typically made from stainless steel and have gaps between the grates. Food can easily fall through these gaps and become inedible. Plus, grease and oil tends to drip into the fire and cause flare ups, smoke, and other problems that you don’t … Read more