Best Flat Top Grill: Blackstone, Sizzle-Q, Qomotop & More

Traditional grills are great, but the grill grates could be better. These are typically made from stainless steel and have gaps between the grates. Food can easily fall through these gaps and become inedible. Plus, grease and oil tends to drip into the fire and cause flare ups, smoke, and other problems that you don’t want to deal with. However, the flat top grills fix all those issues.

Instead of a grate, you get a metal sheet that’s flat and ideal for cooking food. Not only is there less smoke and no flare ups, but the food tends to cook faster and more evenly. We’ll cover the top flat top grills and provide you with a buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for.

Flat Top Grill Buyer’s Guide

Cooking Space: Just like any other grill, you need to consider how much cooking space you need to make enough food for everyone. Most flat grills are large enough to make multiple servings. If you’re looking just to cook for yourself and someone else, or to entertain a whole party, then you might need a smaller or larger grill depending on your needs.

Number of Burners: flat top grills have burners that heat up the griddle, which then heats your food. You need to ensure that there are enough burners, and that they are positioned evenly throughout the grill, so that the griddle itself is evenly heated. If not, then you might end up with hot and cold spots.

Durability: Most flat top grills are made from durable metals like cast iron or stainless steel, but this is still something you should consider. First, make sure that the griddle itself is made from durable metal. Second, make sure the griddle is thick enough to withstand years of use. If the metal is thin, then it might warp in under a year.

Type: There are several types of flat top grills. Some are portable models that are meant to sit on a table or flat surface. Then there are full grills that have their own carts and wheels. These are the largest, but they are also difficult to transport. Lastly, there are griddle pans that you place on your existing grill. Consider your needs when choosing the best grill.

Extra Features: Some of these grills come with shelves, carts, extra control features, and more. Consider these features because sometimes there are two similar grills, but one offers a feature that the other doesn’t have.

Blackstone 28 Inch Flat Top Grill

The Blackstone grill has become incredibly popular for those who want a flat top griddle. It has all the power of a traditional propane grill, but its flat surface ensures you never have to deal with flare ups or losing food between the grates. This massive grill offers 470sq inches of cooking space, which is ideal for making a tremendous amount of food.

You get two powerful 15,000 BTU burners (total of 30,000 BTUs) that evenly heat the 28” stainless steel griddle. There are also two control dials so that you can change the zones as needed. For example, you can set one side to high for cooking, and another to low for keeping the food warm.

This is all powered by a standard 20lb propane tank. You’ll get many hours of cooking from a single tank. There’s also a push-start ignitor, which prevents you from fiddling with matches. Transportation is simple with the caster wheels, and this even has a side table to hold ingredients.

If you’re looking to either replace your grill or buy your first, then the Blackstone grill will serve you well. It’s as large as a traditional grill, the flat top is much more convenient, and the controllable heat zones ensure that your food is perfectly done. It’s a full-size grill with benefits you won’t get from a traditional propane or charcoal grill.

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U-MAX 2-in-1 Propane Flat Top Grill

If the Blackstone grill wasn’t large enough for you, or if you didn’t want to be confined to only using the flat griddle, then the U-MAX flat top grill might serve you better. This is a larger model that allows you to choose between a flat top or traditional grill grate. Not only that, but it has a ton of features.

The U-MAX 2-in-1 has four controllable burners and a total of 48,000 BTUs (or 12,000 BTUs per burner). There is a dial for each burner that allows you to easily control how hot you want each spot to get. These burners evenly cover the entire area, so hot or cold spots shouldn’t happen.

The cooking space differs slightly depending on how you’re cooking. If you use the flat top attachment, then you get 741sq inches of cooking space, which is enough for 20 large steaks or 80 hot dogs. If you’d prefer the grate, then the cooking space decreases slightly to 564sq inches, but that’s still plenty to entertain a whole party.

This comes with two side tables for holding food, and the right side table even has a built-in cutting board. You also get storage under the grill along with a grease catch for collecting oil and grease from your proteins. Transportation is simple with the four caster wheels, so place this wherever you want and start cooking. You can connect a standard 20lb propane take with ease.

If you want a large flat top grill that also includes a traditional grill grate, then consider U-MAX 2-in-1. This is a versatile, powerful grill that will serve you for many years to come.

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Little Griddle SQ180 Griddle

Both the U-MAX and Blackstone are great if you want to replace your current grill or are buying your first one, but what if you already have a grill and you want to keep it? Isn’t there a way to transform your traditional grill into a flat top one? That’s exactly what this griddle does. It goes on top of the grill grate and gives you flat top grilling without having to buy a whole new grill.

This 9lb stainless steel griddle measures 13”x18”, giving you plenty of room for cooking burgers, dogs, and anything else you can think of. It’s also made from durable 14-gauge stainless steel that will last for many years. The ventilated design ensures even airflow and even heating, plus it works on both propane and charcoal grills. It’s rated for up to 600F degrees. Plus, it comes with a grease well that’s simple to clean when you’re all finished.

If you want flat top grilling with buying a whole new grill, then the Little Griddle SQ180 is what you need. It’s simple to use (just place it on the grill), easy to clean, and gives you all the benefits of flat top griddling regardless of what type of grill you currently have.

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QOMOTOP 23 Inch Portable Gas Flat Top Grill

If you’re looking for a portable flat top grill that you can easily carry in your car, then the QOMOTOP grill is right for you. This portable grill is surprisingly large and can fit 12 burgers at once. Not only that, but it’s also got tremendous power and is very easy to use. All you need is a flat surface to place the grill and you’re good to go.

This propane grill has three controlled burners and a total power of 25,500 BTUs, which is ideal for cooking burgers, steaks, chicken, dogs, and much more. Each burner has its own dial so that you can make different heat zones as needed. They are evenly distributed to ensure proper heating throughout the whole griddle.

The 23” grill offers 355sq inches of cooking space, which is enough to satisfy 6-10 people. Lighting is easy as there is a button ignitor that gives you an instant flame as long as the gas is flowing. You even get an oil cup that collects excess grease, which ensures that you can quickly clean up when you’re all finished.

If you want a portable grill, either because you travel a lot or you don’t want to replace your main grill, then the QOMOTOP flat top grill will serve you well. Not only is it surprisingly large considering it’s portable frame, but it’s powerful and will give you burgers, dogs, and more anywhere you need it. From the backyard to camping, you can use this anywhere as long as there is a flat surface.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the best flat top grill comes in many shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a full grill, then consider either Blackstone or U-MAX. If you’d prefer to keep your current grill and just want flat top cooking, then the Sizzle-Q is a great accessory that is simple to use. If you’d prefer a portable grill that you can bring camping or anywhere else, then QOMOTOP has you covered.