Best Wireless Meat Thermometer: Looking at WiFi & Bluetooth Models

If you’re looking to put some distance between you and the grill while still watching over your food, then you need a wireless meat thermometer. If you’re looking for the best wireless meat thermometer, then you will likely see terms tossed around like WiFi meat thermometer and Bluetooth meat thermometer. Believe it or not, these are not interchangeable.

We will explain the difference between all three and show you some of the best options so that you know what to choose.

What is the Difference Between WiFi, Wireless, and Bluetooth Meat Thermometers?

While each of these meat thermometers are wireless, the technology and features that go into them are very different. Two of these use your phone or mobile device while another has a dedicated device that displays temperature.

Wireless meat thermometers, or those without WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities, don’t connect to your phone. They instead have a dedicated device that displays the food’s temperature. These often have some features, such as setting a desired temperature or a timer, but often not as many as WiFi and Bluetooth models. They tend to be less expensive, and the range is usually better than Bluetooth thermometers.

Bluetooth meat thermometers use short wavelength radio waves to connect to your device. Simply turn on your device’s Bluetooth feature and then select the device to pair it. Older Bluetooth thermometers only had a range of about 30 feet, but newer ones are closer to 400-500 feet. While obstacles can diminish the range, these tend to have a good number of features.

Last up is WiFi meat thermometers. These connect to your device directly through the internet, and they tend to have a dedicated app. You’ll find that these units have the most features and the best range, but unfortunately they also tend to have the highest price tag. If range, reliability, and features are your priority though, then this is money well spent.

That being said, many units mix and match the connections. You might find a wireless one that can connect to your phone, or one that has both WiFi and Bluetooth.

Best Wireless Meat Thermometers

ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

The top wireless meat thermometer definitely belongs to ThermoPro. This unit comes with premium features that rival many WiFi and Bluetooth models. It comes with four color-coded probes so you can track four different foods at once. Have one in chicken, another in steak, the third in burgers, and the final one in veggies. This is ideal for grilling, smoking, and indoor cooking.

You get a 500-foot range with the remote along with programmable buttons. It will set off an alarm when your food is at the desired temp, ensuring that you can make great food even if you walk away from the grill.

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AIMILAR Remote Meat Temperature Thermometer

While not as good as ThermoPro, this unit has many benefits and a better price. It comes with two probes and the remote reaches up to 328 feet, so you’ll have no problem walking around the house while your food cooks.

This comes with preset temperatures so you can ensure your meat is just where you want it. There are nine proteins available (ground beef, steak, chicken, fish, and more) along with five doneness levels. Make your selection and just wait for the alarm to go off.

If you occasionally grill or don’t make a huge variety of items, then this might be better for you than ThermoPro. Plus, the better price tag makes it very attractive.

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Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

Meater Plus is easily one of the top Bluetooth meat thermometers as it has a huge number of features and is truly wireless (no wires or cables for the probe). While Meater can connect over WiFi, that requires some extra steps and an extra device. It’s by default a Bluetooth thermometer and has a 165-foot range.

The dedicated Meater app not only tracks your food, but it also gives you estimated cooking times, numerous alerts (from the food being nearly done to warning you about it burning), and you can easily set the meat and doneness level.

If you want an advanced thermometer, then Meater Plus is ideal for your needs.

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Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

If you want a more affordable Bluetooth meat thermometer, then Govee has a wonderful solution for you. With a good 196-foot range, this transfers the temperature data right to your phone through a dedicated app. You can also set timer alerts and both protein type and doneness levels.

The thermometer itself has a strong magnet that can stick to grills, ovens, and many other surfaces. The highly accurate stainless steel probes ensure you know the exact temperature, and you can connect multiple probes to this unit.

While it’s more affordable than Meater, it has a number of useful features you’re sure to enjoy.

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Best WiFi Meat Thermometers

MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set

MeatStick is Meater’s rival and they seem very similar. They are both completely wireless (no cables or wires for the probe) and have versatile apps with a number of features. The biggest difference is that MeatStick makes it easier to connect over WiFi, and this gives you unlimited range as long as the WiFi network is running. Bluetooth connections are also available.

This set comes with two probes that instantly connect to your phone. Not only that, but the MeatStick app makes it simple to set the right temperature for your meal. While it’ll be used most often with grills and ovens, it also works with deep fryers and sous-vide cooking.

Inkbird WiFi Grill Meat Thermometer with 4 Colored Probes B07XNTJKY4

Armed with the Inkbird Pro app and four color-coded probes, Inkbird is ideal for those who want a wireless WiFi thermometer. Not only does WiFi give you unlimited range, but this also allows multiple people to control the thermometer. This can be ideal if you’re cooking lots of meat, or if multiple people want to view the cooking progress.

Along with setting a timer and desired temperature, there are preset temps as well and the magnetic thermometer sticks effortlessly to the side of your grill.

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Final Thoughts

No matter your preference or price point, you can easily find a great wireless meat thermometer that fits your needs. All of them allow you to walk away from the grill without sacrificing food quality, and they actually make it easier to cook. Give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.